Installed on flat roofs, these are perfect for eco-friendly builds and are also aesthetically pleasing.

What is a grass roof?

Grass roofs, also known as sedum roofs are becoming more popular on commercial buildings and houses in the UK. They are sedum plants built onto a flat roof. They’re the perfect addition to a flat roof, they look good and help the building blend into its surroundings.

Why choose a grass roof?

They provide additional insulation to the building as they lock in heat from the sun as well as helping with the water drainage. They’re also great for increasing biodiversity and giving wildlife a home. For these reasons you will see them on a lot of eco friendly houses but they’re a great addition to any flat roof.

They are often used in London or big cities to add greenery and for some people they are a place to use as a garden if the roof has been reinforced. If you are looking for a roofer in Cambridge, a sedum roof could be a perfect match for your home so get in touch.

Are sedum roofs expensive?

Due to the additional materials and the cost of the plants , sedum roofs are more costly than a single ply flat roof. However as they cover the single ply membrane this can often lengthen the life span of a flat roof.

The team at Newmarket roofing are one of a handful of roofing companies that have experience in grass roofs and we have completed several jobs around the country using these skills.

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